Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Post: An Introduction To Me

I've never used Blogger before, and I can't promise I'll be on much, but I'll post when I can.
So, do you want to get to know me? (Well, you might not. I'm a bit crazy sometimes. :-P ) Hehe Well, I'm Jessica. You can see some stuff about me in that sidebar profile, but I'm not really "normal" - according to our culture that is. I'm definitely different, which is good. I mean, this world says teens (and young adults, too) should just goof around and not do anything worth anything until they're about 40. I'd like to change that opinion. :-D
Even though I'm not spending my life goofing around, I do still like to have fun. I also am a big fan of mysteries, thrillers (Christian, of course), and various other genres. However, I'm not a big romance fan. I don't think we should dwell on that since it just makes us want a wonderful romance, and the way we women operate, we spend forever dreaming of Prince Charming instead of what we should be doing. God's already written each of our love stories and leaving it up to Him is best.
I'm a writer on top of everything else I've already mentioned. I've written poems, song lyrics, short stories, and I'm in the process of a creating a longer story. I'm a fan of adventure and peril in all my stuff and in the stuff I read/watch. :-) My sisters think it's hilariously strange, but I like stories where the main guy (it's not the same if it's a female character - I guess 'cause it's more noble for it to happen to the guy when he's in pursuit of the truth or protecting someone) gets hurt (NOT fatally). :-D
So that's a bit about me. Next time, I'll blog about my life.

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